World-Class Gourmet Cookies


Imagine the taste of cookies that defy traditional concepts of a "Cookie". The smell of maple gently intoxicates your senses. Wow, is that really Maple? In a cookie? Oh ya… The real Bacon pieces bring a familiar, joyful sensation to your mouth with it’s smoked REAL bacon morsels. Wow. Bacon? In a cookie? But wait, there’s more! Oh ya. Tabasco.. The heat sneaks in the last moment. we call it a "finish" of heat... but, like a Goldilocks cookie, It’s just right. Tabasco? Oh, this is getting interesting. Did we say “oh ya?” Oh ya.. Lightly dusted with Sea salt is the finishing touch. Sweet, Hot, Tasty.. These cookies are great for breakfast or, go with an ice cold Beer. No, Really!
Order some for your mother in law but don’t tell her about the “surprise” ending. She will thank you for it. Sort of… Not recommended for babies or girly men.